tisdag 8 april 2008

My 3rd YesStyle order

Today, I got my 3rd order from www.yesstyle.com :) They shipped the package on april 3rd so I got it fast as usual ^^ The shoes and socks are very comfy! :)

*Black ribbon tie,DodoStyle
*Polka Dot bandanna, My fashion show
*Openwork knit scarf, white and pink, My fashion show

On this picture, I'm wearing one of the new shoes and purple socks

*Patent Sneakers, pink, My fashion show
*Color-Accent Stripe Knee-Socks, pink and purple, My fashion show

2 kommentarer:

Weronika kiss monser;3 sa...

ohhh this shoes is realy cute!!*o*
lol i think that i must somethink buy in tis online shop*o*

Anonym sa...

I love your sneakers the pink color is really vibrant.